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Urine pH

Overview Risks Results
Alternative Names:
pH - urine
What the risks are:
There are no risks.
Special considerations:
  • A diet high in citrus fruits, vegetables, or dairy products can increase your urine pH. Some drugs also can increase urine pH, including acetazolamide, potassium citrate, and sodium bicarbonate.
  • A diet high in meat products or cranberries can decrease your urine pH. Drugs that can decrease urine pH include ammonium chloride, chlorothiazide diuretics, and methenamine mandelate.
  • Urine pH can be affected by various factors after collection. For example, leaving the urine standing in an uncovered container. Also, bacteria usually increase the pH as they break down urea to ammonia.
Female urinary tract
Female urinary tract
Male urinary tract
Male urinary tract
PH urine test
PH urine test

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