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5 Must-Read Thyroid Articles

Sunday June 29, 2014
If you are a thyroid patient, there's a great deal of information your doctors may not be sharing, information that could transform your journey into a successful path toward wellness. Here are five key, must-read articles: Help! I'm a Thyroid Patient Who Can't Lose Weight! 10 Things to Know About Thyroid…

Can Hypothyroidism Be Treated Naturally or Holistically?

Monday June 02, 2014
Can hypothyroidism be "treated naturally?" Can you go without prescription thyroid medication? What about vitamins, supplements, yoga, iodine, stress reduction, and going gluten-free? Should you see a chiropractor? Explore the holistic, alternative and nutritional approaches to treating an underactive thyroid now. About Mary Shomon | Follow Mary on Twitter…

Do You Need A Gastroenterologist?

Monday June 02, 2014
It's not always a cut-and-dry decision to determine which physician should be managing your care. Most people, when they have a new problem, probably call their primary care provider first, to find out what to do. And in many cases, that's where you would go first to seek treatment. But…

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