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5 Must-Read Thyroid Articles

Sunday June 29, 2014
If you are a thyroid patient, there's a great deal of information your doctors may not be sharing, information that could transform your journey into a successful path toward wellness. Here are five key, must-read articles: Help! I'm a Thyroid Patient Who Can't Lose Weight! 10 Things to Know About Thyroid…

The National Agenda Subject of Health Affairs Alzheimer's Briefing - The Club Sandwich Generation

Monday June 09, 2014
Smooth transitions in care just one aspect of addressing Alzheimer's / Dementia Issue Nationally The National Agenda was a topic of discussion at an April Health Affairs Briefing entitled "The Long Reach of Alzheimer's Disease." Robert Egge, Vice President, of Public Policy and Advocacy, the Alzheimer's Association discussed "The Alzheimer's Study Group's…

Primary Care Docs On Frontline of Alzheimer's / Dementia Detection; Miss Dementia Diagnosis 40% of Time

Friday June 06, 2014
Crucial partnerships needed for this all encompassing disease. Session 3 of the Health Affairs briefing on "The Long Arm of Alzheimer's Disease" featured three panelists exploring ways to identify potential Alzheimer's patients well before they have the disease. Laurie Ryan, Program Director, Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Trials, National Institute of Aging, National Institutes…

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